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About Sarowar Agate



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Established in 1990 (Khambhat) Anand district in the Indian state of Gujarat, Sarowar Agate is the leading owner and Manufacturer, Exporters & Wholesale Suppliers Of Metaphysical Products, New Age Products, Gemstone Products, which excels in working with clients to create successful and profitable Agate Business.

We are committed to help clients achieve sustainable growth and create value for their customers. With rich experience of crafting New Age Products, Gemstone Products in  Agate industries, we empower brands to expand their sales channel and realize their goals.

Mr. Zakir Husen and having more then 30 Years vast experience and having expertise knowledge in this field pass down from generations to generations as it's our family owned business and have been exporting to countries like USA, UK, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Turkey, Austria, Netherland, Greece, Egypt, China and many parts of Africa.

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We support and encourage the thirst for innovative ideas and improve our surroundings to raise the standard of Age Products. Our client’s growth and success is our top priority, and client satisfaction is the main metric by which we measure our own success.

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Stone Bowls, Tumbled Stones, Mercaba stars, Gem Trees, Pyramids, Agate Clock, Metal Pendulum, Agate Arrowheads, Healing Wand, Beaded Necklace, Agate Necklace, Tumble Stone Necklace, Beaded Pendulum, Cabochons, Druzy pendants, Carved pendants, Rune set, Mercaba stars, Agate Bracelet, Tumbled Chips Un-Drilled, Shiva Lingam, Star, Jumbo, Worry Stone, Merkaba Star, Carved Stone, Hearts, Cross, Drop, Faceted Drop, Gemstone Arrowheads, Stone Power Bracelet,Onyx Plate, Stone Belt, Chakra Stones, Agate Bowls, Ball, Agate Pencil, Gemstone Faceted Pencils, Spheres & Eggs, Agate Tumbled tiles, Agate Chips, Agate Bagger Necklaces, Chips Necklaces, Gemstone Donuts, Natural tumbled stones, Dyed tumble stones, Tumble Stone Nugget, Rough stone, Fossil Stones, Crystal beads, Agate door handles, Carved agate bowls, Metal Key chain and many more..


"We have probably the most seriously costs on the lookout. It is our objective to supply our customers with great items with 100% fulfillment."